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Prayer/ Sharing Group Model Summary

"The Christian life is not limited to prayer, but requires an ongoing dedication and courage born of prayer."
Pope Francis


“Call to Connect” prayer/sharing groups aim to strengthen relationships between women, and to facilitate a deepening walk with God. Membership is open to Catholic women, non Catholic women, and women who are disengaged from the church but would like a journey of faith, with the understanding that the input and some of the prayers are from a Catholic perspective. Often these women are family members or friends and feel more confident of joining in because of your invitation and presence.

Ecumenical groups may be a desired option in your area and this is welcomed.

If getting together to pray & share the journey (with hospitality included) is something you would like to explore, then please contact us via this site for more information.

We recommend that the groups are no larger than 6-8 women so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. If you have a smaller number of women who are ready to start, then that’s fine; you will find that others will want to join you as you go along.  

The style of prayers and sharing options will differ between groups, as women choose the content and style that their group enjoys. It is also very rewarding to try different styles of prayer to glorify God. For new groups we are recommending sharing be based on the scripture journal "A light for my Path " by Fr Ken Barker which has 30 weeks of Daily scripture prayer divided into 4 themes. The first day of the week is structured for group sharing and the remaining days are for personal devotion as desired.

The framework of a "Call to Connect" prayer group provides scope for choices but also a format that is sufficiently structured to keep the groups focused, and for members to have quality time together in the sharing component. All groups have in common the CTC opening and CTC concluding prayers. Within the meeting, hospitality, input, sharing, prayer and intercessions are in a sequence at the facilitator's discretion.

There are resources on this site for groups to use if they desire. The Facilitator Resources page and sub pages,  the Facilitator Guide and sub pages, and the Facilitator Updates page are locked to the public but accessible to group facilitators on request. These pages are under frequent review and updates are ongoing.

Anne Woods is the Manager of the Catholic Bookshop in Favier House, Braddon ACT, phone  02 6201 9888 .

We are happy to meet with parishes or groups of women who wish to know more about the prayer/sharing group model.

The starter kit consists of 6 booklets @ $3.50 each & 2 sets of bookmarks @ 25c each and the Facilitator Guide & Appendix and a welcome letter is emailled or posted to you. 
The cost of additional booklets is $3.50 each and bookmarks @ 25 cents each.

Options (changes may occur without notice):

1. Booklets and bookmarks hand delivered with welcome letter, and Facilitator Guide & Appendix

 = $24.00 AUD

2. Postage & Handling of booklets and bookmarks only

 =  $27.00 AUD

3. Postage & handling of booklets, bookmarks, Facilitator Guide & Appendix

= $30.00 AUD

Kits for overseas consist of booklets, bookmarks and welcome letter only. Postage & handling charge on application and according to current postal charges for that country.

Payment is by cash, cheque to Call to Connect, or direct deposit (details available upon request). Contact us via the CONTACT US page.


"Life is a search for God, peace is finding Him."
Fr Richard McAlear OMI


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